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The FinTech Group (“TFG”) was established in 2006 as a virtual community of independent entrepreneurs and structured asset finance professionals (“TFG Members”), who specialize in cross-border value enhancing asset financing structures and strategies.

The TFG Members are supported through the collaboration and exchange of ideas to design bespoke workable structures and business opportunities, create a business plans in order to turn them into a reality, assemble a management team for execution and raise the necessary financing, all within our network. TFG is managed by Adroit Capital Enterprises Limited (“Adroit”).

Each TFG Member has entered into a TFG Member Agreement, which clearly outlines the roles and duties with each party.  The TFG Members may choose to work with Adroit on an ad hoc basis, using their experience and contacts to build a tangible and valuable addition to their normal business activities.

The TFG Members, advised by leading US and international law firms, focus on opportunities where substantial value can be added by creating sophisticated financial products, often by “rearranging the building blocks” through unorthodox structures, in order to joint venture with an individual or team, who have an exciting concept and finding a way of creating a real business.



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